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Course Details

Agile Scrum Process

At the end of this course you will be able confidently implement this process in software development and testing projects.

The Agile Scrum Foundationcertification training is a certification that validates a professional’sknowledge in agile methodologies and scrum practices. Agile methodologies arepopular approaches in software development and software testing, Agile helpsto develop software more quickly. Most of the organisation useScrum process because it gives us an assurance of quick delivery of highquality software.

Course Objective -

At the end of this course you will beable confidently implement this process in software development andtesting projects.

  1. Understanding user stories
  2. How to give user story points
  3. What should be the format of user stories
  4. How we do planning poker activity
  5. Explanation on product back log
  6. Explanation on Sprint backlog
  7. What is scrum
  8. Explanation on Scrum team
  9. Purpose of standup meetings
  10. What we do in sprint planning
  11. Role of product owner
  12. Role of Scrum master
  13. Explanation on why team size should be between 6-9
  14. Explanation on why sprint duration should be 2 – 4weeks
  15. Sprint retrospect meetings
  16. What are burn down and burn up charts
  17. Why KANBAN charts are used
  18. Advantages
  19. Dis-Advantages

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Testing Campus is biggest online training solution provider and is tied up with 400 IT companies. After completion of course you will get access to our in-house job portal through which you can starting applying for jobs all over india. Every day hundreds students appear for placements through Testing Campus online job portal. You will get job assistance till you get placed.

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yes, we will give you access to our LMS(Learning Management System) through which you can take hundreds of practise test.

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You can access study material in LMS(Learning Management System)

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Once the project work is completed you will get course completion certificate


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