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Testing campus Persistence with Hibernate course covers the core fundamental concepts of Hibernate like Session, Transaction, Associations, Mappings, Inheritance and types which helps to solve complex Relational Database Management System problems with entity beans.

Testing campus Persistence with Hibernate course covers the corefundamental concepts of Hibernate like Session, Transaction, Associations,Mappings, Inheritance and types which helps to solve complex RelationalDatabase Management System problems with entity beans. This course also coversthe most advance features of Hibernate like NoSql, Spring, Filter, Search andValidator. You will also get to implement a Hibernate project in Java towardsthe end of the course.

Course Objectives

After the completion of the Persistence with Hibernate at TestingCampus, you will be able to:

  1. Understand ORM and basics of Hibernate
  2. Understand and implement life cycle of Hibernate Persistenceand Session Factory
  3. Implement Hibernate Mappings, Inheritance and Types
  4. Understand Hibernate Criteria and Query Language
  5. Exploring Hibernate Transactions, Filter and Performance
  6. Implement Hibernate Search and Validations
  7. Hibernate with NoSQL and Spring

Who should go for this course?

This course is a foundation for any Java Programmer, JavaDeveloper, Java Architect or any professional associated with Java who wants toexplore and master the Java Persistence with Hibernate.


The pre-requisites for learning Hibernate is the basic knowledgeof RDBMS, SQL, Java and JDBC.

Project Work

Towards the end of the course, we will focus on designing anInventory System that provides a very effective way of monitoring theinventories.

We will see how to monitor the quantity, location and status ofthe inventory as well as the related shipping details. Inventory System shouldbe implemented as an interactive program that:

  1. Enables admin user to enter the data regarding the inventoriesand order details of the complete inventory system
  2. Render orders
  3. Tracks the order items and its corresponding supplier details
  4. Provides a complete invoice format for the orders

Why learn Persistence with Hibernate?

As data usage is increasing day by day in all domain applications,the usage and complexity of Database increases exponentially. It is importantto have a framework which handles all the life cycle, connections, sessions andtransactions of database, henceforth leaving only the business logic for thedevelopers to work with. This is where Hibernate comes in and helps theprofessionals to concentrate only on business logic instead of databaseenvironments. There is a huge demand for Hibernate professionals and this courseacts as a foundation, also provides lots of opportunities in the JavaPersistence World.

Hibernate Overview in short


Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate Environment Setup

Hibernate Configuration

Hibernate Session

Hibernate Mapping Files

Hibernate Mapping Types

Hibernate Annotation

Hibernate Query Language

A course completion certificate is issued by Testing Campus which certifies that you completed a particular course. This certificate is issued to all the learners participating in this course. 

Do you provide job assistance?

Testing Campus is biggest online training solution provider and is tied up with 400 IT companies. After completion of course you will get access to our in-house job portal through which you can starting applying for jobs all over india. Every day hundreds students appear for placements through Testing Campus online job portal. You will get job assistance till you get placed.

Have to clear doubts?

In case of any doubts you can reach of subject matter experts(Technical Trainers) 24X7. You can also opt for one to one doubt clearing session with out subject matter expert

What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card, debit card, net banking or even deposit cheque

Who are our instructors?

All our instructors have 12 to 15 years of experience in relevant domain and have experience training thousands of students every year

Do we get practise test facility?

yes, we will give you access to our LMS(Learning Management System) through which you can take hundreds of practise test.

From where to access study material?

You can access study material in LMS(Learning Management System)

What about course completion certificate?

Once the project work is completed you will get course completion certificate


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